9 reasons to do rural tourism in Catalonia

Reasons to have a holiday in a country house in Catalonia

The stress of work, having few hours to be with the family or the desire to know a territory are some of the reasons that motivate us and encourage us to take a break and disconnect. But … Can we relax, be with family and / or friends, enjoy nature and sightseeing at the same time?
The answer is a resounding yes. Rural tourism encompasses all these aspects and some more that will make you decide to make your next vacation in a rural house like ours.

1. The tranquility of the countryside and the mountains

As its name suggests, this type of tourism focuses on a rural setting. Can Còdol is not an exception, as our country house is surrounded by nature and peace. An ideal place in Catalonia to disconnect, enjoy silence and relax . Renting a rural farm in these conditions confirms that there will be no crowds or crowds and you can disconnect without problem.

2. Carrying out family activities

Enjoy guided mountain hikes and forests of Maians, visit the animal farm of Can Còdol or take a dip in the swimming pool are some of the many activities that you can do in the area with your family. Activities to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and forget for a few days the asphalt, smoke and cement that surrounds us every day.

3. Doing activities with friends

Doing activities with friends will also make you enjoy even more of the holidays: quad tours, visits to fairs and markets nearby or even visit the caves of Salitre de Collbató, options that they are even more enjoyed in company and that will make you experience an authentic rural experience in Catalonia.

4. Couple activities

There is also room for romantic outings . Couples looking for a rural getaway will also be able to enjoy a wide range of activities that are ideal for lovers: private balloon flights, wine tasting in a nearby vineyard or romantic dinners in the Catalan cuisine restaurant in Cal Frare . Who had said that love is only in the big cities?

5. To know the history of a place

Catalonia is full of corners with history that should be visited at least once in life. The mountains of Montserrat, Seu de Manresa, the 9th century castle of Cardona or the Monastery of St. Benet de Bages, places full of stories and very close to the cottage of Can Còdol. A very healthy and entertaining way to know Catalonia’s past and enrich our culture.

6. For all your pockets

Depending on the season and the apartment to rent, there are several options for everyone . Considering that we rent a fully equipped apartment, with light, heating, air conditioning, kitchen utensils and bathroom, swimming pool and barbecue, we have the competent and varied sea options to live an authentic rural tourism experience.

7. Ideal for families with pets

It is very difficult not to say impossible to find a hotel or apartment where animals are allowed. The rural houses are the solution for all those families that do not have who take care of their mascot on the days that are on vacation or that it pitiful to leave their best friend alone. Go on holiday together! Both you and your pet will enjoy the countryside and the outdoors together.

8. They will take care of you at home

You do not go to a hotel that belongs to a big company, you go to a country house. A masia with farmers that will take care of you and will attend to you in a personalized way so that you feel at home, you will be treated like one of the family and will turn to 100% to make this holiday unforgettable

9. Discover and try local products

Rural tourism is also one of the best ways to taste new delicacies , earth products and cuisine recipes baked in the old style, different from the ones we are used to. Visiting markets and fairs that are held all year round in the towns near Can Còdol, in the Bages, you can taste exclusive products of the area, wines with denomination of origin and products totally fresh and of the day, unthinkable to find in big cities.

These are perhaps the main reasons why, at least once in life, you should do rural tourism in Catalonia: rent a rural house and enjoy a few days with family and friends of a totally different experience to conventional tourism. Are you in?

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